@iRangeSports Stick Lite


The @iRangeSports Stick is the most versatile way to record your golf swing at any given location. Simply line it up and start recording. At the weight and size of less than your sand wedge, it fits seamlessly in any size golf bag. On the practice range, on the course, even around short game areas and practice putting greens. Instant feedback. No clips, screws, or any moving parts. The @iRangeSports Stick Lite is made from high quality materials, ensuring excellent durability. Just Stick and Go!

  • Light weight
  • No setup required
  • Fits easily in any size golf bag
  • Usable on any phone
  • Very steady footage
  • Use on driving the range and on the course
  • Works with most air vents magnet holders in vehicles
  • Allows for vertical and horizontal footage
  • Option to add a collapsible indoor stand


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    The Puck is the latest addition to the family and it is for those embracing Apple’s MagSafe technology, eliminating the need for adhesives all together. The Puck carries 8 strategically placed magnets, allowing it to securely stick to the phone at all times, until you decide to take it off. Use your favorite case or no case at all, but still have the ability to stick your phone to your iRangeSports Stick. MagSafe technology is found in iPhone 12’s and newer. But don’t be discouraged as even older phone models can benefit from the puck by simply using a MagSafe case (phone case NOT included).
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